Thursday, March 30, 2017

bombs fall again

I don't want to work.

fuck it.. people are going to read this,

and I get all kinds of offers and opportunities, but i keep passing on them...

translate subtitles, translate books, teach private English classes at 227% the rate I used to make at the prestigious school. It's on. I'm blatantly surfing through life, unemployed, still living the way I like to.

I'm lucky. And smart. And pretty much all I do is watch films and learn life from fictional stories. Yeah, "based on true events" like most everything in reality is.

Shit. I hadn't written in such a long time it almost feels strange to do it. It's fucking liberating. I feel like a river that could go off and break walls and just talk about all the things I think about and do. Fuck all of you. You shit readers. I mean. You're like ghosts. Sorry, but paradoxically, I'm sure nobody reads this, and that's who I'm talking smack at.

So I play something else. It's this tv show. A name of an actor I am a big fan of comes up. I take a screenshot of it. I post it somewhere with a subtitle "sold". I admire this fucker.

 I think about a devil. I think about being evil, selfishly evil. I step away from it. Keep playing this movie.

I've duties to take care of tomorrow.

And I miss things. I miss your wetness.

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